Our Mission

To reduce health risks due to the impact of climate and of inequities in mitigation and adaptation strategies by facilitating and convening dialog and interaction between the health sector, climate services, research and development institutions, decision makers and community groups.


About Us

The Health and Climate Foundation is incorporated as a public charity in the District of Columbia, USA, pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA with a European regional office located in Marchissy, Swizerland.

Core Goals

The nonprofit Health and Climate Foundation is helping increase the well-being of people by supporting better understanding of the connections between health, climate and other environmental factors, and by supporting the use of this knowledge at national and local levels to combat disease and poverty.

The comparative advantage of the Health and Climate Foundation is its institutional flexibility and freedom to play a partnership building role as a joint mechanism of the health and climate communities

At this moment, effective and efficient cooperation between the health sector and many partners is absolutely necessary; especially when each of these partners represents different constituencies, insitutional cultures, technologies, adminstrative and managerial mechanisms. Dealing with health annd climate, and climate change is a very complex development challenge.

HCF helps fill key cooperation gaps, in particular in the following areas:

  • Coordination for specific epidemics and emerging diseases, which are related to climate hazards
  • Development of community based health adaptation strategies, more especially in municipalities and districts, whcih are prone to climate hazards;
  • Promote Institutional arrangements and dialog that helps ensure sustainability of interventions.
  • Core Values

    The core values of HCF are to:

  • Maintain a "facilitator" responsibiliy (avoiding substitution of institutional and managerial responsibilities);
  • Ensure relevance of HCF support is related to public health impacts, especially to the most vulnerable;
  • Support inclusiveness by helping ensure that partnerships have adequate composition with priority given to missing critical partners or disciplines
  • Focus on demand oriented services (information technologies, operational research, capacity building, training)
  • The Health and Climate Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.