Join Us - By volunteering ...


The best way to help is to join us by giving your time and effort to one of our many projects. Volunteers help with fund raising, website development, organizing international conferences and working in the field.

Currently we have volunteers working in New York and Geneva on HCF projects.

For example, Alexandra Garcia is a recent graduate from Middlebury College in Vermont.  Her goal is to increase international participation in pharma R&D.  She was drawn to HCF because of its mission to incorporative the recommendations of diverse fields of research into a single solution for immediate public health needs.  

Her work at HCF has included fundraiser planning, program research, and online communications. By giving her time to the organization Alexandra has gained insight into the nonprofit world, and has learned how an international body works with local groups to bring resources directly to the public.

Join Us - By donating...


Of course, like many non profit organizations, we depend on charitable donations and income to support our projects, scholarships and grants.

Eliminating climate-sensitive diseases needs new solutions to help people cope with the public health impacts of climate change and to ensure that the solutions are just and fair to those that a worst affected - the poor. Developing countries are in the front line coping with climate-sensitive diseases, such as malaria, meningitis, plague, onchocerciasis, and rift valley fever, amongst many others.

Our hope is that we can help by getting the health and climate communities work together; by supporting education and training in the communities at risk; by using technology and know-how to anticipate disease outbreaks; and and by helping health workers acquire the tools to respond more effectively.

HCF’s success is made possible by the financial support of individuals and organizations that have the vision to see the role that the foundation can play in helping societies’ understand and take action in response to the public health challenges of the twenty-first century. 

We are committed to using more than 80% of the money we raise from individuals, corporations, private foundations, and government agencies to support our research and public education activities.

We'd like to invite you to become a donor to HCF and join in our efforts to improve public health by reduce the burden of climate-sensitive diseases worldwide.  

For more information, please contact Dr. David Rogers, President, Health and Climate Foundation, 1425 K St. NW, Suite 350, Washington DC 20005 or tel. (1) 202 587 5658 or email

Thank you for your interest and support.